Paragon - Marsh, Wendigo Skin & Ability meshes

This is Marsh, an unreleased champ that I modeled in mid-2017 for Epic Games’ now-cancelled MOBA ‘Paragon’. The concept art for this champ was created by Yang Ji. I’ve included some renders of a couple of his ability meshes, the spore and a piranha, as well as one of his weapons a lantern.

I’ve also included some renders of a skin that I concepted and modeled, that I was calling ‘Wendigo’.

Art direction by Chris Perna, Kevin Lanning and Jordan Walker.

Kolby jukes marsh wendigo

Marsh’s ‘Wendigo’ skin

Kolby jukes mm
Kolby jukes marsh front 002

Marsh’s default skin.

Kolby jukes marsh front 001
Kolby jukes ada
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Kolby jukes kk

Marsh's lantern

Kolby jukes d

Sculpt for Marsh's 'Spore' ability, with the bubble intact.

Kolby jukes marsh ability mesh

The spore, with the bubble exploded.

Kolby jukes dsa

Fish sculpt for Marsh's 'Muck Geyser' ability.

Kolby jukes fish render
Kolby jukes ddds
Kolby jukes dsadas
Kolby jukes marsh ingame

In-game mesh in Unreal.

Marsh turntable

Marsh "Wendigo" skin

Marsh ability mesh

Marsh Fish ability mesh

Marsh's lantern